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Jobsons Cove, Warwick Long Bay Beach | Bermuda

10 Things You Must Do in Bermuda

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Looking to visit one of the world’s most gorgeous destinations? As a Bermudian, I may be a little biased, but can you blame me? Known for stunningly blue crystal-clear water and pink sandy beaches, Bermuda is a tropical paradise. However, this tiny fish hook shaped island in the middle of the Atlantic has so much more to offer than just beaches.

Culturally, the island is a mix of West African, Indigenous American, British, and Portuguese. This blend of cultures, creates a unique cuisine and exotic traditions unlike anywhere else in the world.

As Jeremy had never been to the island, I wanted him to experience the best of Bermuda. With my family as our guide, we spent a full week taking in the sites and local experiences.

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We are not sponsored by any of the attractions listed in this guide, we just enjoy them.

Boat in blue water, Crystal Caves, Fantasy Cave, Bermuda
Fantasy Cave | Bermuda

A premier Bermuda attraction for over a century, visiting Crystal Caves requires descending over 80 steep steps to reach the stunning turquoise underground lake.

While you are there, it’s worth buying a combination ticket to visit the smaller but just as beautiful, Fantasy Cave.

Neither cave allows swimming; however, if you stay at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort there is a cave you can swim in. There’s also another cave in nearby Tom Moore’s Jungle which is free.

2) Try Bermuda's Local Cuisine

Spiny lobster with Hoppin' John, Bermuda
Spiny lobster with Hoppin' John, Bermuda

Bermuda has propelled onto the world stage for its local delicacies, especially its seafood, like codfish breakfast, massive fish sandwiches, and Spiny Lobster (in season September – March).

For more on what to eat, check out our post 10 Foods to Try in Bermuda.

3) Dance Along with the Gombeys

Brightly colored costumes, Gombey dancers, Bermuda
Gombey dancers | Bermuda

A symbol of Bermuda, the colorful Gombey dancers perform their intricate dances to the distinctive beat of the drums. The amount of energy is infectious and mesmerizing.

Historically, the Gombeys danced through the neighborhoods on Boxing Day (day after Christmas), but today visitors have more chances to see their performances.

  • Harbour Nights Street Festival – Front Street, Hamilton, usually 7 to 10 pm, Wednesdays, May through August.
  • Gombey Saturdays – Queen Elizabeth Park, Hamilton, usually 12.30 pm Saturdays, June through October.

4) Marvel at Bermuda's Many Shades of Blue

Yellow house with white roof overlooking John Smith's Bay Beach, Bermuda

Though Bermuda has a lot to offer visitors, the stunning beaches are why everyone comes here. Crystal clear shades of blue water compliment the pink tinted sands of the shoreline. Very few places in the world can compete with Bermuda’s beauty.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is always a favorite of visitors and locals alike, but there are so many to love.

For more on which beaches to visit, check our post Bermuda’s Best Beaches: According to a Local.

5) Relax with a Little Bermuda Rum

Rum Swizzle, Swizzle Inn, Bermuda

Bermuda is not just known for its food, but also for having some of the best rum in the world. Gosling Brothers’ Black Seal Rum has infused itself into Bermudian culture, with popular drinks like the Dark N’ Stormy (Black Seal and ginger beer) and the Swizzle Inn’s Rum Swizzle

6) Climb Gibb's Lighthouse

Gibbs Lighthouse, west island, Bermuda

The best view in Bermuda comes from the top of Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse.

To reach the top, you’ll need to climb the 185-step spiral staircase, and squeeze through a tiny door to get out on the outer ledge. The views make it worth it. You can see, just how tiny and narrow Bermuda really is.

View from Gibbs Lighthouse, west island, Bermuda

7) Get Out on the Water

Boat coming through Somerset Drawbridge, Bermuda

With hundreds of tiny little islands and coves surrounding Bermuda, there are so many places you can only reach by the water. Luckily, renting a boat or jet skis in Bermuda is easy. For example, BDA Watersports near Somerset Bridge, rents Boston Whalers, larger pontoon boats, kayaks, and jet skis for a few hours or for the day.

Once on the water, a few places to check out include Palm Island, Daniel’s Head, and for snorkel lovers the sunken HMS Vixen.

8) Head to Town for Souvenirs

Yellow Calypso building, Hamilton, Bermuda

The largest city in Bermuda is Hamilton, the capital. Wandering the colorful streets makes for a great adventure, and some unique shopping. Check out stores like Flying Colors for souvenirs, and Crisson’s for local jewelry.

Other places to get your retail therapy fix include Dockyard Clock Tower Mall and Water Street in St. George’s.

9) Tour the Historic Royal Dockyard

Commissioner's House, National Museum of Bermuda, Royal Navy Dockyard

If you’re coming to Bermuda by cruise ship, these days you’ll likely dock in the historic Royal Navy Dockyard. Learn a bit about the history and culture of Bermuda by touring the fort and Commissioner’s House in the National Museum of Bermuda.

10) Rent Some Wheels

Small electric car, Tazzari, Bermuda

There is public transportation in Bermuda but getting off the beaten path requires your own set of wheels. Though, you can’t rent a car in Bermuda, in recent years visitors have more options than just scooters.

We personally don’t recommend renting a scooter. Most people visiting Bermuda will find driving here a bit crazy. The roads are narrow, and Bermudians drive quite fast. Moped riders weave in and out of traffic, which many visitors find quite alarming and intimidating.

Today, visitors can rent tiny electric mini cars, which we feel is a safer choice. The cars come in three styles. All are two seaters.

  • Twizzy – Typically the cheapest choice with many available to rent on the island. However, they are tiny. The second passenger sits behind the first, with no windows to see out. I feel these are great for individuals, but I wouldn’t be thrilled sitting in the back.
  • Tazzari – Passengers sit side by side, which makes this a good option for couples or friends.
  • Bermi – Our personal favorite of the choices. They have air conditioning, and a tiny trunk space.

Where to Stay

  • Stay in the City of Hamilton: Stay within walking distance of Front Street in the capital city of Hamilton at the romantic Royal Palms Hotel. Gorgeous rooms and a well-manicured property make for a luxurious stay in paradise.
  • Beach Resort: With its own private cave, spa, and beach, the tropical paradise of Grotto Bay Beach Resort is an easy win. The resort is also within walking distance to Swizzle Inn and the Crystal Caves.
  • Luxurious Seaside Resort: The sky is the limit when staying in Bermuda. For the premier luxury destination with a private beach, look no further than The Loren at Pink Beach.

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