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Nicole and Jeremy standing in front of waterfalls in Iceland

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Over the years we have lived and found local work in the US, UK, Chile, Australia, and Japan.

50+ Countries

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Taking advantage of living in so many wonderful places, we’ve maximized our time and budget by deeply exploring nearby regions.

Nicole crouching to take a photograph of a giant tortoise in Galapagos


Born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida.  Nicole wasn’t inspired to travel until after university when she left Florida to teach English in Japan.

The uniqueness and beauty of Japan fueled a passion for photography and a love of travel that changed her life forever.


Originally from a small village east of London, Jeremy always dreamed of traveling. His early bucket list included the Pyramids of Giza, Northern Ireland’s Giants Causeway, and Australia.

In addition to travel, he loves tinkering with vintage video arcade machines, and enjoys managing the technical aspects of the website.


Jeremy standing in the hedge maze of Blenheim Palace in the UK

Get To Know Us

How did you first meet?

We were both living out of a guesthouse in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. Our rooms were across the hall from each other. 

I had a car and one day I wanted to go to the beach. Jeremy convinced me he knew the way (before Google Maps) if he could tag along. He got us terribly lost. A 20-minute drive took almost two hours, but at least he was good company.

We’ve been traveling together ever since, but I now do most of the navigating.

Us in Australia at the beach in Sydney
Look how young we were!

Where do you currently call home?

Our latest home is in the beautiful state of North Carolina on the east coast of the US. Not only is it a great base for exploring the South-Eastern US, but we also love being so close to the Appalachian Mountains, especially in autumn. 

Prior to the United States, we lived in Bristol, England for several years, which worked well for exploring the UK and Europe. 

Standing on rocks looking out from Rough Ridge Overlook at fall trees, near Asheville, North Carolina

What destination has had the biggest impact on you?

Nicole: Japan by far. It is such a unique place and culture to experience. It challenged my whole way of being. There is always something interesting going on, and every single day I was given the opportunity to learn or try something new.

Jeremy: For me it was the wide-open expanses of Australia. The world felt so big and every step felt like I could be the first person to have stepped right there. Not much will beat walking all day on a beach in Western Australia and not seeing another soul.

Where was your first overseas trip?

Nicole:  Though I was raised in the US, my family is from Bermuda. As a kid, we would go there for family visits, but I stopped going when I got older. After university I had a renewed interest in Bermuda. So, in what I consider my first true overseas trip, I spent two months getting reacquainted with family and exploring this island paradise. 

Jeremy:  In school I studied German, though sadly I remember very little of it now. My first overseas trip was a two-week school trip to Rhineland, Germany when I was about 15.

What destination made you say "wow" the most?

Without a doubt the dramatic scenery of Iceland deserves this title.

Glacier topped mountains, vibrant moss covered lava fields stretching into the distance, icebergs gleaming in the sun against a black sand backdrop, bubbling sulfur pools, and waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls all make it a stunning place to visit.

Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

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