Download Free Lightroom Presets: Seasons Collection

Lightroom Version Compatibility

Our presets are XMP files, which are compatible with these versions of Lightroom and newer:

  • Lightroom Classic 7.3
  • Lightroom CC 1.3

For Lightroom Mobile users, we’ve included a set of DNG images which can be uploaded to your photos. From there, you can then save the preset. No need for a desktop. See our other post on Install Lightroom Mobile Presets without a desktop.

For instructions on downloading and installing the Lightroom desktop presets, see below.

Downloading and Installing Presets to Lightroom Desktop

To download and install the presets to your Lightroom:

  • Click the “Download Lightroom Presets” button.
  • Once you have downloaded the presets file, right click the file and click the “Extract all…’ option on the menu.
  • Click “Extract” to save the files.
  • Open Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC.
  • Under the Develop tab, look for the Presets panel on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the add button (plus symbol) in the top right of your Presets panel.
  • Choose “Import Presets,” and navigate to the extracted files. You should see the collection of XMP files under desktop.
  • Select the XMP files under the desktop version and click “Import”. The presets are now ready to use .
Sping Yellow Preset

Lightroom Creative Cloud (CC) & Mobile

Follow the same steps for importing to Lightroom Classic; however, you will need one additional step to see your preset.

  • If the downloaded presets don’t automatically show in Lightroom CC. Go to the presets area, and click on the three dots to access the “Manage Presets” area.
  • Under “Manage” you will need to select the _ExpertExplorers presets in order for them to be visible. They may also show up under User Presets, depending on how your account is set-up.
  • Once selected, you should be able to see them in your Presets options.
  •  You can now sync your downloaded presets to your mobile. Just make sure you are subscribed into both accounts.
  • Just like Lightroom CC, you’ll need to “Manage Presets” in order to see them.
Lightroom Manage Presets

How To Correctly Use Lightroom Presets

Purchased Lightroom presets and disappointed with the results? You’re not alone. Though Lightroom presets can significantly speed up the editing process, and provide interesting effects, most people don’t know how to correctly use them.

Sun Voyager in Reykjavik, Iceland, Expert Explorers, Good For Everything Preset Featured Image

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