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Gifts Travelers Actually Want: A Guide for Every Budget

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Finding gifts for the travelers in your life can be challenging, especially gifts they actually want and will use. We’ve rounded up our favorite gift ideas for every budget.

Gifts Travelers Want - Under $20

Wallet Ninja Multitool Card

We love useful gadgets. Though the Wallet Ninja is only the size of a credit card, it includes 18 practical tools which makes it very handy on the road.

Use it as a screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, and even a cell phone stand.

Makes a great stocking stuffer.


JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan

So many of the places we travel are unbearably hot. Having a little fan with us really helps.

There are other portable fans with bigger blades out there. However, this one fits conveniently in a purse or bag. It is chargeable and doubles as a power bank and has a flashlight.

Leather Bound Travel Journal

Everywhere we travel we bring a little book with us to record the key details of our day; where we went, what we liked, what we didn’t, and what we spent.

The size and format of this travel journal works perfectly for us. It easily fits in a purse or backpack, and has dedicated space to record the date, location, and weather.


Our Adventure Scrapbook

Confession time. I’m a scrapbook junkie. I keep ticket stubs, brochures, stamps, all sorts of travel memories.

Modeled after the scrapbook in Pixar’s movie UP, those who enjoy a rustic, antique look will love it. It even comes with adorable postcards from the movie.

Gifts for Travelers Between $20 - $50


As I mentioned, we love gadgets. The TAKEFLIGHT tactical pen is another multipurpose tool worth having around.

With a flashlight, glass breaker, bottle opener, and pen, it’s great to keep in the car.

Travel Backgammon Set

I was given a travel backgammon set like this one when I was in school. Its small size makes it convenient for travel.

I still have mine and we take it with us on road trips and longer travels. The magnetic pieces make it an easy on-the-go game.

Wooden Nightstand Organizer

This handy organizer keeps a nightstand from becoming unruly and disorganized.

It has compartments for phones with space for the charging cords, a wallet, loose change, keys, watches and more.

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

We’ve become huge fans of packing cubes. Though we’ve tried several brands and styles, these ones from Eagle Creek are our favorites.

They are a bit stiffer around the edges, so they keep their shape in our large duffle bags. 

The folder is the best. It includes a folding board and guide to pack clothes as efficiently as possible.

Gifts for Travelers Between $50 - $100

Auto Winding Seiko Watch

Wound by the movement of the wearer, auto winding watches are great because there is no battery to die out.

To minimize our chances of being a target for pickpockets and other seedy characters on our travels, we prefer understated fashion choices. Lots of bling is a sure-fire way to grab unwanted attention. 

This Seiko watch is rugged but classic enough to go with just about anything. At this price point, it’s amazing value.

Magic Puzzles 3-Pack

We can’t be traveling all the time, and we love doing puzzles in our down time.

These Magic Puzzles are among the most unique puzzles we’ve ever done. We don’t want to give away the surprises. What we will tell you is that these puzzles are filled with easter eggs, and just when you think you’re done, there’s more to it.

Bonus, these puzzles are so well crafted, there’s no dust.

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

When it comes to gifts travelers actually want, this is the ultimate for any coffee lover.

We personally never use the coffee machines in hotel rooms. Honestly, we can’t imagine many regular travelers do because they are usually gross. 

This portable Keurig makes the perfect companion, especially on road trips or when you’re renting that cabin in the mountains. 

Baggallini Crossbody Travel Bag

Baggallini has made a name for themselves in the travel world for their quality and practicality.

The last thing we want to do when traveling is call unwanted attention to ourselves with flashy expensive items. We love bags like this because they are stylish but discrete.

All the pockets keep everything organized. Plus, at the end of a rough trip, just throw it in the washing machine.

Gifts for Travelers Over $100

Wireless Headphones

Ever thought about how noisy planes can be? From the drone of the engines to the hum of the air filtration systems, to the chatty co-passengers, it can be hard to hear your music or the inflight movie.

Fortunately it’s possible to drown all those sounds out with some noise cancelling headphones. Settle into your favorite movie or some tunes to while away the hours on your flight.

You can go all out with a pair of Bose headphones; we loved ours. However, when they finally gave up on us, we opted for a pair of SoundCore headphones. They’ve been great and were only a fraction of the cost of a pair of Bose.


Wooden Wall Map of the World

Wall art meant for travelers. Assembling the wall puzzle is just the first bit of fun. Next, add pins for where you’ve been, and where you plan to go.

The map comes in different sizes.

Celestron Nature DX42 Binoculars

A perfect gift for the traveler who combines a bit of bird or animal watching in with their travels.

We have the Celestron Nature 8 x 42 binoculars. They are rugged and the right strength to see far into the distance without the shake of the more powerful binoculars.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Digital Camera

Though phones take good photos these days, they still can’t compete with the larger sensors of digital cameras. Especially when it comes to zooming and low-light.

A good camera is a must when traveling. However, few people want to carry a heavy camera with heavy lenses.

With an amazing 125x optical zoom, Nikon’s Coolpix is an all-in-one light-weight point-and-shoot. 

More Gift Ideas

Still looking for the right gift for the traveler in your life? Browse through our favorite travel gear we personally use on the road.

Alternatively, we’ve collated a ton of practical gift ideas for travelers that appreciate experiences more than stuff.

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