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Our Favorite London Photo Spots

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Being arguably one of the most photogenic cities in the world, we wanted to share some of our favorite London photo spots with you. These range from the iconic sites, such as Buckingham Palace and Parliament, to the lesser known beauties, like the Albert Memorial.

Grab your camera, we’re going on a photo tour!

Favorite London Photo Spots Pinterest Image
Our favorite London photo spot is looking up at the lit Tower Bridge at Night

Let’s start with our favorite photo spot in London and work our way west through the city.  

No matter what time of year, or what time of day, Tower Bridge is a sight to behold. For a fee, you can even go to the top of the towers and cross the glass walkway. Try to time your visit to the glass walkway with the bridge opening for a large ship to pass. 

At night, when the crowds clear and the lights turn on, the bridge turns from gorgeous to stunning. Get up close with a wide and capture the details of the tower. Or, head to our favorite little outcropping on the South Bank to get a captivating view of the full bridge. 

The Haunting Tower of London

Tower of London lit up at night

Also from the South Bank, this shot of the Tower of London is best taken at night when the London icon is lit.

You would think you can get a good shot from Tower Bridge, but it’s not that easy. A set of trees block the way. However, you can get decent photos of the surrounding walls and gates.

The Ever Changing London Skyline

Tower of London with the Gherkin Building in the Background LondonView of Big Ben From Trafalgar Square London

London’s skyline is rapidly changing as larger skyscrapers make their way into the city.

London has no shortage of great views, but specifically around Tower Bridge and South Bank there are great spots for photographing the iconic buildings, such as the Walkie-talkie, the Shard, and City Hall.

I personally love the contrast of old and new. Like in this shot, where the famed glass Gherkin overshadows the historic Tower of London and Tower Hill Memorial. 

Markets of London

Some of the best London photo spots are also the best places for food and shopping. We’re talking about the London markets. 

A smorgasbord for the senses, the colors, smells and flavors will have you inspired. But, what we love more than even the shopping and food, the markets tend to be in architecturally interesting areas. Keep a look out for old doorways, statues, and signage.

Chinese Food For Sale
Cheese Grilling at Bough Market
Multi-colored Top Hats with Wacky and Wonderful Eyeglasses in Spitalfields Market
Camden Lock The Stables Iron Worker Statue

Public Artwork

London is a city of the arts. You don’t have to wonder far, or for long before you run into one of the city’s many statues and sculptures. 

One of our favorites can be found in Devonshire Square, not far from London Paddington Station and Spitalfields Market. 

Templar Knight Statue in Devonshire Square London

St. Paul's Cathedral

Our second favorite area for London photos is the area from St. Paul’s to Bankside.

There is truly nothing more breathtaking than St. Paul’s cathedral lit up in the evening. Head to the Festival Gardens area, near Cannon St. and New Change, for a photo like the below.

We also love the shot from the south side of the Thames with a view just under the Millennium Bridge.

Don’t under estimate the views of the city from the dome.

One of the most beautiful London photo spots is St. Paul's Cathedral Dome Lit Up at Night
View of St. Paul's Cathedral lit up at night with Millennium Bridge in foreground.
View of the Thames River from the Top of St. Paul's Cathedral

View from the Tate Modern

In our opinion, the best up high view in London is from the free observation deck at the free Tate Modern Museum. 

One of the best London photo spots is free, view from the Tate Modern of St. Paul Cathedral and Millennium Bridge

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

A little out of the way unless you are coming into London by international train or through Kings Cross Station. 

St. Pancras station itself is a beautiful example of a Victorian masterpiece. Next door, the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is awe-inspiring. 

St. Pancras Renissance Hotel London

Camden Town

Not far from St. Pancras is Camden Town. Famous for it’s market at Camden Lock, this area is a treasure trove of history and beauty. Along with tons of quirky things to catch your attention. 

If you are looking to party while you shop, head into the Cyberdog rave store. Let’s just say there are plenty of photo opportunities. 

Camden Lock London

Trafalgar Square

Sadly, it will be a while till the view from Trafalgar Square looks like this again as the infamous Clock Tower (Elizabeth Tower) is under repairs until 2021. 

Trafalgar Square is still in our list of fantastic London photo spots. There’s Nelson’s Column, The National Gallery, St. Martin-in-the-fields, and of course the fountains. 

It’s a big public gathering area, so don’t be surprised to see events going on in the square. 

View of Big Ben Elizabeth Clock Tower from Trafalgar Square London
Trafalgar Square London Nelson's Column Red Double Decker Buses and Big Ben in the Far Distance.

London Eye

The best place to get a view of this massive landmark is from the north side of the Thames. Though, we also have a few great photos from the Golden Jubilee Bridge. Try to catch one of the many cruise boats in the foreground. 

One of the most iconic London photo spots is the London Eye on the Thames

Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Clock Tower

A trip to London isn’t complete without a picture of the Elizabeth Clock Tower and Parliament. 

The bad news is that there are repairs on the tower taking place until 2021. The good news is that they aim to keep at least one side of the Clock Tower visible throughout its repairs. 

It wouldn’t be fair to show just what it looked like before the construction so we included one of what you are likely to see until the repair work is complete.  

London River Boat on the Thames River with the Houses of Parliament in the Background
Parliament's Clock Tower which holds the Great Bell, Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

One of the most elaborate and royal churches in the city is Westminster Abbey. With its intricate details, of course it’s one of our favorites. 

Westminster Abbey in London

The Mall and Horse Guards Parade

The most spectacular way to reach Buckingham Palace is to slip under Admiralty Arch and walk The Mall. 

The famous Horse Guards nearby also makes a lovely London photo spot. 

Admiralty Arch London
The Mall decorated with the Union Jack
Royal Guard on Horseback at Horse Guard on Whitehall London

Buckingham Palace

One of the Queen’s residences is also one of the most photographed. 

Don’t forget to turn around. Depending on the season, sometimes you can see straight across St. James’s Park giving a very different perspective of Horse Guards. There’s even a unique view of the London Eye which is easiest to see in winter when the leaves have dropped. 

Buckingham Palace from the Victoria Memorial
View of Horse Guards from across St. James Park is a secret London photo spot

Museums of London

On the west side of the city there is a plethora of museums. Not only are their displays worth a visit, but the buildings themselves are jaw dropping. 

Here are a few of our favorites. 

Tate Gallery

Tate Britain Gallery London Entrance

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum London

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum Entrance

Hyde Park

Hyde park has a ton of fantastic London photo spots. 

Daydream in the Italian Garden, walk alongside the Serpentine, or marvel at the Albert Memorial. 

A favorite London photo spot, the Italian Garden in Hyde Park
One of the least known London photo spots is the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park

Kensington Palace

At the far side of Hyde Park is Kensington Royal Palace.  You can’t take photos inside but it’s the garden that makes for great shots. 

Statue of Queen Victoria and Kensington Palace in Hyde Park London

Royal Albert Hall

Directly across the street from Albert Memorial is the Royal Albert Hall. The magnificent structure is full of interesting arches, statues, and other details. The inside looks as phenomenal as you would expect, if you get the chance to do a tour or see a show. 

Next door, in a similar clay colored brick, the surrounding buildings make an interesting wander.  

Royal Albert Hall London
Kensington Gore Building near Royal Albert Hall London


Heading back a tad east towards Knightbridge you will find the famous Harrods.

Like much of the architecture around London it is worth a few photos, but don’t forget to head inside to their food court. 

Harrods of London Storefront Signage

We hope we have given you tons of inspiration of where to go to get your London photos. 
If we missed your favorite spot, leave it in the comments below to help others. 

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