Luggage and Bags

Browse our favorite luggage and bags for air travel, road trips, even our favorite camera bag and packing cubes. For more information on why we love these bags, see our post on Choosing the Right Bag for Your Next Trip.

Best Overall Travel Bag

We’ve found Patagonia’s Black Hole Duffel 70 Liter perfect for just about every trip. It’s rugged, light weight, and flattens down when needed. Patagonia also makes this perfect bag in a smaller 40L, 55L, and 100L.

Luggage and Bags For Air Travel

Carry-on Bags

Picking the right carry-on bag is probably one of the more challenging of luggage choices. Different airline carriers have different size requirements, especially when traveling internationally. Check your carrier’s website to see their current requirements.

Carry-On Rollers

Max-out Carry-On Weight

If we need to max out our carry-on capacity, we use the Cabin Max Tallinn. It’s completely flexible so we use packing cubes to give it structure. Best of all, it only weighs 1.87 lbs.

Tip: “Backpacks” are less likely to be forced into checked luggage at the gate, like many roller cases.

Checked Luggage

The Travelpro Maxlite 5, is a good compromise between price and quality. The two wheels are reasonably protected by the molding, instead of sticking out from the suitcase body. Plus, the Travelpro brand is well trusted by flight crews and frequent flyers alike.

Best Travel Bag for Road Trips

Since we like to stay super organized on the road, we prefer duffel bags with lots of organizing pockets. This makes them a bit heavier of a bag, so they are not great for air travel. We love our Ful Rolling Duffel. It has a place for shoes, another for toiletries, and a split inner compartment.

Best Camera Bags

We bring a camera bag everywhere we go. Our Lowepro is the workhorse we use when we need to bring all of our gear; however, Peak Design’s Everyday Bag is prefect as a day pack.  

Packing Cubes to Keep You Organized

Packing cubes save space, keep you organized, and make repacking a cinch.

Toiletry Bags

The right toiletry bag has a sturdy metal hook, plenty of compartments, flexible but firm structure, and a quick drying water resistant material.

Travel Cord Organizer

In the age of technology, everything comes with a cord. To keep us organized, we found a cord organizer keeps us from leaving anything behind.

For more information on why we like these bags, see our post on Choosing the Right Travel Bag for Your Next Trip.