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Our Readers Share Photos Of Their Favorite Local Destinations

  • Post last modified:July 6, 2020
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In June, we asked our readers to share their photos of their favorite local destinations. This could be a favorite park, walking trail, beach, or a lesser known local attraction.

We got back some really fun results from all over the world. From as far away as Australia and Japan, to as close as Pennsylvania and Florida.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos to show off their local area. We absolutely love seeing all these great off the beaten path local favorites. Places tourists are unlikely to ever see.

Starting with the furthest away, let’s check out our reader’s favorite local spots.

Newcastle, New South Wales - Australia

By: Fiona M.

We love coming to Merewether Beach. There are ocean baths, rock pools, great waves, and $10 pizza on the weekends. Plus, a bike track that runs from here, then along the beaches. So we often bring the scooters.

There are always people, summer and winter. Though, the kids often manage to get wet, no matter the season.

The other day the surf was about 12-15ft. So many people flocked to the beach to have a look, including us.

Yokohama & Chigasaki, Kanagawa - Japan

By: Steve Gibson

When I feel stressed and need time out in spring, I love the vivid colors of the cherry blossoms at Kanjoin Shrine. Then next door, the beauty of the Plum blossoms in Ookurayama Park.

Samukawa Shrine in Chigasaki is a place to heal. It’s traditional, tranquil; the simplicity and nature I truly feel.

Vivid colors of Kanjoin Shrine and lantern in Okurayama, in Yokohama, Japan
Bright pink flowers of the Plum blossom in Okurayama Parka in Yokohama, Japan
Samukawa Shrine seen through the entrance gate in Chigasaki, Japan
Large open wooden doors at Samukawa Shrine in Chigasaki, Japan

Billingshurst, West Sussex - England

By: Andy Slade

Brockhurst Brook, Streele Farm is a tranquil secluded lake at the end of a brook with a public footpath running alongside.

Large bright green lake of Brockhurst Brook in Billingshurst, England

Waterford - Ireland

By: Paul O'Brien

The Waterford Greenway was formerly a railway line that has been repurposed into 46 kilometers or 28.6 miles of walking & cycling route. 

It opened in 2017 and has been steadily growing in popularity ever since. It’s practically impossible not to love. There’s something magical about letting brisk air glide across your face as you see idyllic landscapes and historical landmarks.  

As Ireland’s longest greenway, it stretches from the ancient city of Waterford to the beautiful seaside town & foodie mecca of Dungarvan. Across 11 bridges, 3 viaducts, and the 400-meter tunnel at Ballyvoyle. 

Hanover, Pennsylvania - USA

By: Erik Diaz

Sheppard-Meyers Reservoir is my favorite spot to bring my daughter and have some quiet time together fishing.

Rock in foreground. Long view down the Sheppard-Meyers Reservoir in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Redington Shores, Florida - U.S.A.

By: Chris G.

I love going to the beach at Redington Shores to catch the sunset. This peaceful and quiet beach showed its brilliance two days in a row. A beautiful sunset one day, the following day, a massive storm front came in at sunset.

Casselberry, Florida - U.S.A.

By: Chris Luman

Secret Lake Park is close to where I live.  It is a quiet place to walk around and also fish.

Red, yellow and purple light from sunset dance across Secret Lake Park in Casselberry, Florida

Yankeetown, Florida - U.S.A.

By: Roger M.

I enjoy going to Windy River Gardens. It is a small park along the Withlacoochee River. There’s hardly anyone ever there, so it’s a nice place to relax on a cooler day.  

Gazebo in middle Winding River park in Yankeetown Florida

We are grateful to our readers who shared their photos, and we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing their favorite local destinations as much as we have.  

Where’s your favorite local spot? 

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