Photography and Videography Gear

Whether you want to get into photography or just want to upgrade your gear the wealth of choices can be overwhelming. Below is what you’ll find in our camera bag.


Though mirrorless cameras have come a long way over the last few years, we still prefer the quality and feel of a DSLR.

Nikon has been our brand of choice since 2010 when we bought our first DSLR. We currently use the Nikon D750 and love it. It’s a full frame camera with a lot of the functionality of the higher end models, but with a smaller price tag.

We used to upgrade our camera every two years but have learned a little secret. When it comes to camera gear, it’s a lot more about the lenses than it is about the camera. So, make sure you budget for the lenses you want to buy, then consider what camera you can afford to pair with them. 


Often referred to as the “Nikon Trifecta” or “The Holy Trinity,” these lenses are Nikon’s most popular lenses for good reason. They are all great quality, and with this combination there’s almost nothing you can’t shoot.

In addition to the Trifecta, we have two other favorite lenses in our collection, a 50mm and an 80-400mm.

The 50mm fixed lens is probably the least expensive lens we have, yet its quality is superb. Amazing in low light and for portraits. With its small size, we often use it when we’re trying to be inconspicuous and not show off a flashy camera with a big lens.

Nikon’s 80 – 400mm quickly became one of our favorite lenses on a trip to the Galapagos. The quality is not quite on par with the Trifecta’s 70 – 200mm, BUT the extra focal length gets you even closer to the action in a lighter lens. For travel photography, you can’t always switch lenses, and weight matters. If we had to pick between this and the 200mm, we would buy the 80-400mm.


Filters are critical when it comes to landscape photography. Not only do they help manage color and vibrancy, but they can create dynamic movement, such dreamy waterfalls, and wispy clouds.

Historically, we used the Hoya round filters, but recently upgraded to the NiSi V6 Switch Kit square system. Unlike the round filters which only fit a specific size lens, the square system allows us to mix and match our lenses without having to purchase extra gear. It also allows filter stacking without vignetting.

Whether you choose round or a square filter system, always make sure the filter is a good quality glass. We don’t recommend capping off your expensive glass lens with a cheap resin filter.

If you can only afford one filter, we recommend getting a circular polarizer (CPL) for your primary lens.


Though a quality camera brings you 80% of the way, you’re never going to get that photo you’ve been dreaming about without a few essential accessories. From a good SD card that won’t lose your photos, to a tripod to get those steady shots.


If we’re heading into locations with beautiful landscapes a drone is always something we reach for. It’s a fantastic way to get a different perspective.

Though GoPro still leads the market in action cameras, AKASO makes a very good quality camera with a ton of accessories for around $50.  This little camera helped us get amazing underwater footage in the Galapagos.