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Explore Spitalfields Market in East London

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Within easy walking distance of London Liverpool Street train station, Spitalfields Market is a treasure trove of excellent food and shopping opportunities in East London. 

Beloved by locals and visitors alike, Spitalfields Market is one of the best markets in London. 

The Old Spitalfields Market Entrance from 1887
Bishops Square Entrance into Spitalfields Market

Since the 17th century, shoppers have flocked to the area looking for the best deals. From Commercial Street the brick facade of the 1887 rebuild reminds visitors of its historical past.

Today, though technically two markets, old merges into new as Spitalfields Market expands into a more modern structure from Brushfield Street.

Shopping at Spitalfields Market London

From handmade crafts to gift shop boutiques, Spitalfields Market is a great place to find unique items for everyone on your list.

Not only are the products unique, but I love the quality of what you find. 

Beautiful Scarves Hang in Spitalfields Market
Multi-colored belts hang at Spitalfields Market London
Oh No, Not You Again Door Mat

Over the years, I’ve bought everything from beautiful scarfs, fun dresses, hats, coasters with a unique London designs and tons of knickknacks for the house from the market.

Beautiful Shirts Hang in Spitalfields Market
Handmade Jewelry at Spitalfields
Handmade Jewelry at Spitalfields
Multi-colored Top Hats with Wacky and Wonderful Eyeglasses in Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market is open 7 days a week, 10 am – 7 pm.

Visit on Thursdays for the antique market or pop in on a Saturday for their Style Market.

At the Style Market you’ll find many one of a kind items, from handbags to dresses. I personally love to look through the designer samples and coats. I’ve have found some amazing pieces over the years.

An Arts Market appears about once a month from March to September, then twice monthly from October to the end of the year.

Throughout the year the market puts on various events, such as salsa dancing, public art displays and concerts. Check their website for upcoming events.

If you visit on a Sunday, be sure to save a little time for Brick Lane Market.

Traditional British Caps Hang at Spitalfields
Beautiful Shirts Hang in Spitalfields Market
Silk Scarves Stall in Spitalfields

On the edges of the market and upstairs, there are several shops and eateries, including chains like Lulu Lemon and Leon.

There’s a flower shop, a furniture store, even a barber.

Many vendors have come and gone, but my favorite store to rummage through has been there as long as I can remember. Make sure to take a peek in InSpitalfields on the edge of the market.

Barber Shop Window at Spitalfields Market London

Eating at Spitalfields Market London

What day out of shopping would be complete without a lovely lunch, or at least a few snacks. 

Spitalfields is renowned for its worldly street fare. 

Head over to the old section of the market to find The Kitchens.

Nilly's Turkish Kitchen in Spitalfields Market London
The Kitchens Food Market at Spitalfields
The Kitchens Food Market at Spitalfields

It would take you months to try everything on offer. You couldn’t ask for a better selection.

Try a completely new dish from half way across the world. Or, if you are like us, we love trying to find something we had on our travels but is difficult to find at home.

On our most recent trip to Spitalfields Market we tried a pork and a chicken bun from Yum Buns which were both fantastic. Plus, we grabbed a delicious lamb kebab from Nilly’s Turkish Kitchen.

Bakery with donuts and sweets at Spitalfields Market
Pastries Await Sale
Pastries Await Sale

Make sure to save room for dessert, there are plenty of sweets on offer. 

Relax with a coffee or try something a little more daring, with Climpson & Sons’ espresso martini. 

Bar taps at Climpson & Sons Coffee Bar

Getting from London Liverpool Street to Spitalfields Market

 Located at 56 Brushfield St, Spitalfields, London E1 6AA. 

From Liverpool Street Station, take the Bishopsgate exit. Cross over to Brushfield Street. Then cross through Bishops Square. This will take you to the modern entrance for Spitalfields Market. 

Just walk through the market and cross Traders Hall to reach Old Spitalfields Market. 

If you are there on a Sunday, head over to the Brick Lane Market.  

Let us know your favorites from Spitalfields Market below.

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