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Thornbury Castle, England

Experience a Night at Thornbury Castle Hotel

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Staying in a castle was on my bucket list forever. Despite living in England for several years, this luxury always seemed outside of our budget. So, on our visit back to England, I desperately wanted to make this bucket list dream happen. I came across Thornbury Castle Hotel in my research and knew immediately it was exactly the experience I was looking for.

Experience a night at Thornbury Castle Hotel, UK

We are not sponsored by Thornbury Castle. We just enjoyed our experience and thought you would too.

England’s Only Tudor Castle Hotel

When looking into castles that offer accommodation, I found none really matched what I was envisioning. I wanted something that looked and felt authentic from the outside and the inside too.

Most castle hotels have completely refurbished their bedrooms to look like a normal hotel room. Yes, being comfortable is important. However, I also wanted stone walls, spiraling staircases, large tapestries; something with character and a bit of history. Most importantly, I wanted to feel like I was actually staying in a castle, not just a hotel.

View of the Woodstock Deluxe Suite at Thornbury Castle Hotel

I came across the Thornbury Castle Hotel in my search. It looked to have everything I wanted.

The bonus was it was only a short drive from our already planned destinations of our former hometown, Bristol, and the beautiful Cotswolds. I still question why I didn’t know about this place sooner!

Looking for a Castle Stay Closer to London?

If Thornbury Castle is a little too far to venture for your UK trip, we recently stayed at Hever Castle in Kent and loved it. Only 1 hour from London Heathrow Airport and 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport.

Thornbury Castle Private Dining, Barons Sitting Room
Baron's Sitting Room Hosts Private Dining Parties

A Little of Thornbury Castle's History

Thornbury Castle was originally a manor home in the 10th century. The estate was then transformed into a castle predominantly in the 15th century by Edward Stafford, the Duke of Buckingham.

Unfortunately, Edward never finished the full construction. Henry VIII seized the castle and beheaded Stafford in 1521 for high treason. Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn are known to have stayed at the castle in the “Duke’s Bedchamber” during their honeymoon.

The castle fell into disrepair until 1824 when the Howard Family renovated it. It then became a luxury hotel in the late 20th century.

Elaborate windows on the garden side of Thornbury Castle

Around Thornbury Castle

As we entered the castle grounds, there was a small vineyard in front of the ruins of the old castle wall. We drove through the fortifications of the central gate into the castle’s courtyard. Apparently, you can stay in the adorable Gate House!

Thornbury Castle Gate House Entrance, UK

Around the back of the castle was a small but beautiful garden. The outdoor seating area gave a stunning view of the St. Mary Church next door.

The church dates back to the 12th century, though most of the building is from the 15th century. A little heritage sign between the church and the castle’s main gate gave a short history on both historic buildings.

Garden view of Thornbury Castle Hotel

Staying at Thornbury Castle Hotel

Today, Thornbury Castle Hotel has 28 guest rooms. Decorated in an authentic Tudor style, all rooms immerse you in castle life.

Each room has its own distinctive characteristics; however, the Deluxe Bedchambers and Deluxe Suites have the most elaborate castle features and character. We picked a Deluxe Bedchamber and couldn’t have been happier with our choice.

All rooms include luxurious bathrobes, slippers and toiletries.

If you are keen to stay at the top of the castle, book the Tower Suite. This room sits atop a 77-step spiral staircase. Gold gilding and the UK’s largest four poster bed, at 10 feet wide, awaits you inside.

Similar to all hotels, prices range significantly depending on the time of year and day of the week. Opt for a weekday for the best rates.

One thing to note if you are traveling with a family, the hotel has a policy that guests must be 8 years and older.

After our visit, Thornbury Castle undertook a refurbishment project to refresh the rooms. We haven’t been back yet, but hopefully one day we’ll get to see what they have done.

Stone spiraled staircase

Our Room at Thornbury Castle Hotel

We stayed in the Woodstock Deluxe Bedchamber. It was perfect and everything I had imagined in a castle stay. Access to the room was via a stone spiral staircase. A skeleton key opened the heavy wood door.

A large four poster bed was the centerpiece. Stone walls, a fireplace, and a large antique window made the perfect backdrop to the sitting area. Overhead, intricately designed patterns decorated the ceiling. I loved all the touches right down to the tasseled light cords. It felt fancy and authentic.

Beautiful four poster bed takes center stage in the Woodstock Suite at Thornbury Castle

Another heavy wood door with wrought iron fixtures lead to the bathroom. The large clawfoot tub with British telephone faucet screamed old-world luxury. Though there was still a separate walk-in rainforest shower.

On the bed was a binder with information about the hotel and detailing the history of the castle. The hotel also provided a book of attractions in the surrounding area, which we felt was a nice touch.

Stone window looking out at the Thornbury Castle vineyard
The thickness of the stone walls was most evident around the large windows.

Dining at Thornbury Castle Hotel

Breakfast at Thornbury Castle Hotel

Breakfast was served in the main dining room. They offered a cooked menu consisting of options such as a Full English, Eggs Benedict, and other typical breakfast fare. A continental breakfast bar with yogurts, cheeses, and cold meats was also available.

Lunch & Dinner at the Castle

Thornbury Castle offers guests a fine dining menu with five courses or à la carte.

As there are more guest rooms at the castle than dining availability, reserving a table ahead of time is recommended, even if dinner is included in your package.

For dinner they asked us to arrive 15 minutes ahead of our scheduled seating for hors d’oeuvres in the lounge. Beautifully decorated with period furniture, the large fireplace centered the room as European oil paintings hung from above. We sat in an alcove under the grand windows.

Thornbury Castle Lounge

As we snacked on hors d’oeuvres of pâté and small puffed pastry, the waiter took our order and served drinks. Jeremy and I both have a sweet tooth, so we opted for a main with dessert.

For dinner, we were escorted to a dining room with eight tables. The decor had us again in awe. Dark wood paneling lined the walls, and more European masterpieces added to the ambiance.

Sat under the room’s only window, we had a beautiful view of the St. Mary church illuminated by the setting sun. Above us there was a balcony which looked appropriate for royal dining.

Dining area at Thornbury Castle. Madonna and child painting hangs on the wall behind the empty tables.

The food was delicious. Jeremy chose the local lamb in a ragu sauce with a side of garden vegetables. I picked the duck with a side of new potatoes. We were both pleased with our meals but agreed I had made the better choice.

For dessert, Jeremy couldn’t resist the dark chocolate, banana and rum sorbet and was happy with his choice. For me, the banana was too overpowering, so I was glad I chose the rhubarb, tonka, and orange which was a fantastic combination of flavors.

Rhubarb, Tonka and Orange Dessert at Thornbury Castle's fine dining restaurant

Afternoon Tea

One of my favorite things to do in the UK is have Afternoon Tea, and where better to enjoy this luxury than at a castle!

Thornbury Castle offers afternoon tea from 12.30 pm – 4:30 pm. It can be served in the Lounge, Sitting Room, or Library.

Book ahead on the Thornbury Castle Hotel & Restaurant website.

Surrounding Area

Located just on the outskirts of the town of Thornbury, it takes roughly 10 minutes to walk to the high street from Thornbury Castle. 

If you are staying in the area for a few days, Bristol, the Cotswolds, Bath and Chepstow Castle in Wales are all located less than an hour’s drive away.

St. Mary Church as viewed from Thornbury Castle Hotel

Have you stayed at an authentic castle? We are keen to visit more castles around the world. Let us know in the comments if you have one that is your favorite.

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