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Reasons To Travel The United States​

Budget Friendly – It’s easy to spend as much or as little as you want in the U.S. Options exist for almost any budget.

Something for Everyone – From snow peaked mountains to white sandy beaches; landscapes change quite dramatically across the country. Even cities and states have their own vibe. Experiencing New York is nothing like experiencing New Orleans.

Any Time of Year – Climates range significantly from state to state, and coast to coast, so there’s always somewhere in season.

Best for Road Trips –  Gas is relatively inexpensive, and destinations are well connected through a massive network of interstates, lined with food stops and budget hotels.

Some of the Friendliest People – Not everywhere has a reputation for hospitality like The South, but generally folks are helpful and welcoming. Especially, outside the big cities. Most Americans take great pride in helping visitors have a great time.  

Food Heaven – Cuisine as diverse as the people. Plus, surely you’ve heard about the generous portions.

Shopping Mecca – The U.S. loves choice, and a good bargain. Large shopping complexes and sales are a way of life.

U.S. Overview

Covering a land mass of 3.8 million square miles, few places in the world are as large and as diverse as the United States. Each of the 50 states is like its own country: with different customs, foods, nuances in language, and even different laws.

Whether you’re a skier, hiker, beachgoer, foodie, or love big city lights; the U.S. has so much on offer. It would take a lifetime to see and do everything. Don’t just stick to the typical tourist destinations, like Las Vegas, New York and Orlando. With so much to see and gas (petrol) prices cheaper than most developed countries, the U.S. makes a wonderful road trip destination.

Try not to get overwhelmed and do too much in one trip. Distances are great between destinations. Plus, Americans love roadside attractions, so you never know what piece of Americana you’ll find on the side of the highway. Pick an area and explore.


Officially English. Spanish is widely spoken along the southern border and some coastal states.


Currency: US Dollar. Often referred to as a buck, i.e. It costs a buck ($1). 

  • In addition to banks, you’ll find ATMs at gas stations, grocery stores, and large attractions.
  • Most ATMs charge fees unless using your own bank’s ATM. Some online banks refund ATM fees.
  • Many large grocery stores and retailers offer cash back on debit card purchases. Usually this is free with a purchase.
  • Currency exchange shops are easy to find in international airports and cities with lots of international tourists. Not all banks do currency exchange, so call around first.
  • Many small stores, small towns and street vendors still use cash only, be prepared.
  • $20 bills are the highest widely used denomination, though large stores often accept $50 and $100 bills. Most stores require a purchase before changing money.


Americans take tipping very seriously, as most service industry workers depend on tip money. Though we say it’s discretionary, it really isn’t.
For years, people followed a rule of 15 – 20% before tax. However, today you’ll find more people lean towards 18 – 25% of the total bill. Though this rule varies greatly by service and circumstance.


120 Volts – 60 HZ, (non-grounded) Plug B (grounded).

Drinking Water

Most places have safe tap water, but it’s best to ask locally before drinking the water. Filtering is encouraged.  

Most restaurants do not charge for tap water, only bottled. You may need to specify what you want, especially if you want sparkling water as it’s not that common here. 

Phone and Internet

  • Free internet at hotels is becoming standard practice.
  • Free internet is available at many fast-food restaurants, coffee houses, cafes, bookstores and even large retailers.
  • Purchase pre-paid sim cards, or phone and sim packages, at Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy, Target or larger gas stations.
  • We use NET 10’s $40 for 10GB plan with unlimited talk, text, and international calls (to some countries). No contracts, no additional fees, and excellent coverage in most locations. We are not sponsored by them; we just feel they have good deals, especially if you only need a local phone number for a short time.
    • Data is unlimited too, but after 10GB data can slow down.
    • There are cheaper plans available starting from $20.

Popular States

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