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Walk Behind A Waterfall At Dry Falls, NC

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Maybe it’s their power, or their soothing sound, or maybe it’s just their beauty. Whatever it is, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a good waterfall.  Dry Falls offers visitors a one of a kind experience where you can actually walk behind this beauty. What’s better than a waterfall you can walk behind?

We’ve been fortunate to walk behind a few waterfalls throughout our travels, typically you get soaked. However, Dry Falls doesn’t have it’s name for nothing.

With a pretty large walkway behind it, visitors can stay relatively dry behind the 75-foot Dry Falls. Though, we were there the day after a heavy rain so the waterfall was fuller than usual, with a bit of a spray. We did get a light misting, but it was such a hot day, we definitely didn’t mind.

Where Are Dry Falls?

Dry Falls is one of several gorgeous stops along the Mountain Scenic By-Way (Hwy 64). A popular stretch of road that cuts through the Nantahala National Forest in western North Carolina. You’ll find the falls only 3.5 miles outside the small mountain town of Highlands, NC.

What Does It Cost To Access and Go Behind Dry Falls?

Entering and walking behind Dry Falls is free. However, the small parking lot requires a $3.00 fee (2020) per vehicle, bring cash. An honesty box with envelopes to include the fee sits not far from the entrance of the parking lot.

The falls are open year round, but they do close behind the falls in winter due to ice.

Dry Falls walk down, Highlands, NC

How Far And Hard Is The Hike To Dry Falls?

Near the parking lot entrance, you’ll find 50 or so steps descending to Dry Falls. From the bottom of the steps is a short paved walkway leading behind Dry Falls. The walkway only extends a short distance beyond the falls.

As you have to come back the way you came, you will have to ascend those 50 or so steps at the start of the short walking path.

For those not able to do the stairs, enjoy the view from the accessible platform at the top. You’ll find it on the far right of the parking lot, just beyond the stairs heading down to Dry Falls.

Dry Falls walk way, Highlands, NC

How Long To Spend At Dry Falls?

You won’t need much time at Dry Falls. The walk to the bottom and behind the falls takes roughly 30 minutes. As I was trying to get photos without other tourists, we were there about 45 minutes.

Behind Dry Falls, Highlands, North Carolina - Nantahala National Forest

What Is There To Do Near Dry Falls?

A walk behind Dry Falls is best tied in as one of the stops along the Mountains Scenic By-way. With four other waterfalls along this scenic route, you could make a full day out of it.

If you have kids, you may also want to check out the nearby Scaley Mountain Outdoor Center. Though they offer several activities, their primary joy is their winter and summer tubing down the mountain.

Other attractions in the Nantahala National Forest include:

Where To Stay Near Dry Falls?

The closest town to Dry Falls is the very pretty Highlands. There are several accommodations in the area, but you may find cheaper accommodation slightly further away in Franklin.

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