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After 20 years of travel, we’ve come to know what we like and what works on the road. We’ve refined our travel gear into a collection of quality products that make our travel life easier.

  • Carry-on Comforts

    Carry-on Comforts

    Carry-on Comforts Our curated list of items we wouldn't get on a plane without. The longer the flight the more any of these items are needed for a comfortable experience.
  • Travel Essentials

    Travel Essentials

    Travel Essentials Outside of a wallet or purse, this is our list of the most essential items we consider taking with us on any trip.
  • Luggage and Bags

    Luggage and Bags

    Luggage and Bags Browse our favorite luggage and bags for air travel, road trips, even our favorite camera bag. For more information on why we love these bags, see our post on Choosing the Right Bag for Your Next Trip.
  • Photography and Videography

    Photography and Videography

    Photography and Videography Gear Whether you want to get into photography or just want to upgrade your gear, the wealth of choices can be overwhelming. Below is what you’ll find in our camera bag.
  • Hiking and Camping Gear

    Hiking and Camping Gear

    Hiking and Camping Gear When hitting the trails or heading out on a camping adventure, these are the items we reach for. We always aim to carry as little as possible, while at the same time everything we'll need.
  • Travel Books

    Travel Books

    Travel Books Despite their weight, carrying a travel guide, phrase book, or a good novel while traveling is helpful. These are our favorite books we use at home or when we're out exploring.